Autoprop is a unique automatic variable pitch propeller designed for sailing yachts, motor sailors and displacement motor yachts. More information


Feathering propellers 2-3-4 blade systems. Independent external pitch adjustment for both forward and reverse settings.
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Shaft Shark

SHAFT SHARK is a serrated edge circular blade … machined from high quality (316L) type stainless steel. It is available as a split 2 x piece unit for quick and simple installation. Also available as a single piece unit for larger shafts. More information


Gawn-Kaplan high efficiency designed blade profiles. External pitch adjustment for both forward and reverse.
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Gori folding Propeller for Sailboats

Folding propellers - Lowest Drag - Highest Thrust - very high quality - thoroughly tested by thousands of sailors all over the world - for both cruising and racing. Available in 2-blade, 3-blade and 4-blade models. More information

Welcome to AB Marine

Welcome to AB Marine, home of premium marine products.

About AB Marine

AB Marine was started 18+ years ago in Newport RI. That means we started back in the 1900's … very impressive I would say. Lets just say we have been in business quite awhile

Our goal is to supply and service quality products to the marine industry with an emphasis on the sailing segment of the market.

Originally founded by two Kiwis, Chris Bouzaid & Steve Armitage, we have grown since those early beginnings to now import and distribute several leading products throughout USA & Canada.

The two partners are from very strong sailing backgrounds having between them, sailed thousands and thousands of miles … both racing and cruising. Between the two of them they have crossed all oceans and anchored in places that others have yet to discover.

This vast knowledge and interest gained from past experiences is here for our customers and clients to draw from. Why don't you take advantage of it?

Nine years ago AB Marine added Geoff Prior, another Kiwi, to the talent pool. Geoff’s experience and first love is also sailing and the sea. Having initially sailed the oceans … mainly racing, he has also been involved with shore side facilities like Little Harbour Marine, Hinckley Yacht Services and more recently Derecktors Shipyard.

Combined we now have perhaps too many years of experience and sea miles to even begin to count. All accumulated knowledge that is valuable to our customers as we seek new ventures within the marine industry.

We stand ready with a complete knowledge and a sincere commitment to assist all of our customers to enjoy their boating experiences to the fullest with innovative products now and in the future

Give us a call at 800-801-8922, 401-847-7960 … or send us an email