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Vendee Globe 2016/17

When it comes to performance under sail as well as power Gori is the chosen brand, second to none.
One of the toughest sailboat races starts Sunday, November 6th, the 2016/17 “Vendee Globe”. A singlehanded race nonstop around the world. Starting and finishing in Les Sables d’Olonne, France.

Twentynine (29) IMOCA 60’s are on the starting line. A few new builds but the majority are older boats which have participated in earlier races under different names. All boats are highly competitive, and twentythree (23) of them are equipped with Gori propellers.

Vendee Globe

18 of the 20 starting IMOCA 60’S build in 2014 and 15, 90% of the boats in the 2016/17 Vendee Globe are equipped with Gori Racing propellers.

Clipper Ocean Race

All of the 12 new Tony Castro designed 70ft. one designs are equipped with 3-blade Gori propellers.

Volvo Ocean Race

All of the new generation Bruce Farr 65ft. VOR One Designs have Gori 2-Blade Racing Propellers.

One Designs equipped with Gori Propellers

Soto 40, Farr 400, Farr 280, Mills 35, McConaghy 38, Bolt 37, HH/42, King 40, MOD 70, Ker 40 IRC, Elliot 35, Botin IRC 40, Carkeek 40, Premier 45, TP 52, C&C 30, C&C 41, Ker 33, Melges 40.

Performance Multi Hulls equipped with Gori Propellers

Groupama III, IDEC, Banque Populaire, Gitana III, Playstation III, Spindrift 2.

Production Boats with Gori Propelllers

(Standard or option)

Denmark: X-Yachts, Luffe Yachts, Nordborg, Nordship Yachts, Dragonfly
Sweden: Hallberg Rassy, Najad
Finland: Finn Flyer, Baltic Yachts
Germany: Bavaria Yachtbau, Hanse & Dehler Yachts, Sirius Yachts
France: J-Boats, CNB
Italy: Cantiere Del Pardo, Italia Yachts, Solaris Yachts, Mylios Yachts
Monaco: Wally Yachts
England: Discovery Yachts, Spirit Yachts, Green Marine
Slovenia: Elan Yachts
Croatia: AD Boats, Salona Yachts, Sydney Yachts
Poland: Delphia Yachts, Sunreef Yachts, Haber Yachts
Holland: K & M Yachts, Essence Yachts
Australia: Fusion Cats, Lightwave, Buizen Yachts, Sydney Yachts
New Zealand: Elliot Yachts, F.R.P. Yachts, Malthouse Boat Builders
China: Elliot Yachts, McConaghy Yachts, Hudson/Hakes Yachts, Farnova Yachts
South Africa: Pacer Yachts, Matrix Yachts, SWS, Nexus Catamarans, TAG Yachts
Argentina: M-Boats
Brazil: Delta Yachts, Skipper Yachts, MJ Yachts, Wind Nautica
USA: W.D. Schook, Alerion Yachts, Nordhavn, C&C
Vietnam: Corsair Marine, Seawind
Turkey: Sirena Yachts, Azuree Yachts