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Boat speed improved over 1.5kts

A happy AB Marine customer in San Diego recently had this to say about his Manta 41’ catamaran with two Gori propellers:

I have to say that I am very happy with my new props. Boat speed as a function of RPM has improved by easily over 1.5 knots and that is not including the alternative pitch; which is easy to engage and disengage. Under sail, there is no apparent drag. My speed over ground as a function of wind speed and direction is as least as fast as before, perhaps better.

I will be heading to Catalina Island in the near future when time permits. The usual plan involves motoring over night to the island (about 70 nautical miles) and a brisk sail (when the winds are right) on the way back. I figure we will save at least 2 hours of motoring time getting to the island. That is significant!

Thank you.