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Lead the Fleet – Speed Checklist

Ready to significantly improve your top speed this season? Follow our guide to gain an upper edge racing this summer. Even if you are not a racer, these tips will help you have a better sailing season by saving you fuel, reducing your drag and protecting your engine.


Here are our suggestions for increasing top sailboat speed:

  1. Get a Low Drag Propeller. One of the most significant things you can do to improve your boat speed is to reduce drag! The best way to do this starts with the propeller. Whether it folds or feathers, streamlining the propeller blades when not in use will drastically improve speed. We highly recommend Gori Propellers, Variprop and Variprofile.  All of these propellers record high scores and dramatically increase speed, however Gori seems to be most favored by top sailors. If you are wondering which one might be best for you, chat with our prop experts at 401-847-7960

  3. Clean Your Bottom. Bottom growth on your boat is inevitable. Local water quality, tide/current, water temperature and bottom paint all determine the amount of growth you’ll find on the bottom of your boat. Whether you race weekly, monthly or yearly… always clean the bottom of your boat before a race. Also, invest in a high-quality bottom paint. There are plenty of options on the market so do your research. If you really are serious about speed then using Baltoplate might be the way to go. Baltoplate is the smoothest, fastest bottom paint finish but it requires a bit more upkeep and must be applied by a professional.

  5. Find a Quality Line Cutter. You can’t sail fast when you’re dragging lines and debris. Just one line can create substantial drag on your boat. To avoid this, install a quality line cutter. The ShaftShark is engineered with double rows of teeth and a sleek, powerful design. It will cut through line, rope, monofilament, seaweed, and debris. It will protect your drivetrain and engine, while keeping your boat drag low.