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Jimmy Buffet Surfari

Ted Fontaine Design “Surfari” for Jimmy Buffet Chooses a Gori

Jimmy Buffet’s Surfari 48 is nearing completion at Pacific Seacraft. Here is a clip from Friendship Yacht Company discussing the project,

Jimmy Buffett’s delightfully famous lifestyle, infused with copious amounts of “island escapism,” pairs perfectly with the personality of the Surfari 48 that Friendship Yacht Company is presenting in a scaled-back version of its Surfari 58 announced last November. Buffett, who will take delivery next November of Hull number one of the new Surfari 48 designed by naval architect Edward “Ted” Fontaine and built by Pacific Seacraft in North Carolina, anticipates that the new design’s more compact length and personally approved adaptations – including those for short-handed handling – will “simplify” his life on the water as he uses the yacht for a home away from home. Read the rest of the article here.

Both Jimmy and the team at Friendship Yacht Company have chosen a Gori Propeller for the Surfari 48. The boat is expected to launch August 2017. Check out the project progression below:

SURFARI 44, 2016 progress, sailing this summer.

Posted by Friendship Yacht Company on Thursday, January 12, 2017