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GORI Does 46 knots – New Record for MACIF

MACIF is outfitted with a Gori Race Propeller providing zero drag and complete control.

MACIF has already hit 46 knots, and Gabart has said, “The boat is capable of extraordinary speeds. At 30 knots, I feel like I’m getting nowhere! We sail at 35-40 knots a lot of the time, and I have spent minutes and even hours above 40 knots. That’s 70 km/hr. That’s amazing for a boat! We often talk about flying, and there really are many times when nothing touches the water, except the foil. When the boat lifts up from the water and accelerates the sensations are incredible. I’m impatient to experience this again.” Ah, like yeah, Sure you are. Sure you are. Why wouldn’t you be!

François Gabart’s has to be back before 1309hrs local on December 23, 2017 if he is to beat Thomas Coville’s record from last Xmas of 49 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes and 28 seconds for the full lap. Macif set off from Ouessant last weekend (Nov 4) and crossed the Equator within the week, which is something even the Great Liners would have been impressed with. Of course QM2 won The Bridge this year to show that the new generation of big girls still have something to offer like their famous and now scrapped sisters, but the trip back to Europe in favourable conditions set records, most notably with IDEC Sport.
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