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Bruntons SigmaDrive

Stops noise and vibrations.

The compact shaft coupling solution. SigmaDrive is a low maintenance, high torque, bearing free solution that stops noise and vibration. SigmaDrives can cope with a 3 degree misalignment of the shaft in any direction; 6 degrees in total and, unlike most CV shafts, the DS intermediate shaft coupling can be fitted inline or at an angle making installation much easier and faster.

Even if an engine and propeller shaft are perfectly aligned when the vessel is built, maintaining that alignment when the engine is running and the vessel moving is an impossibility. However well the boat is built, that allows noise and vibration to be generated. SigmaDrive anti-noise and vibration solutions are available for virtually every type of craft with engines up to 1300hp.


No more alignment & vibration worries
No more noise & vibration from misaligned shaft & bearings


  • Compact size, comparable to a standard shaft coupling.
  • Provides perfect alignment for the propeller shaft and works perfectly in line or out.
  • Easy and quick to fit, usually without slipping the vessel and without the need to modify the propeller shaft, or fit fixture plates or brackets for thrust bearings that are no longer required.
  • Contains no rubber or bearings, and is manufactured from a special alloy that ensures long life with little maintenance requirement.
  • A highly cost effective solution requiring little or no costly modifications to the vessel.

Why does a SigmaDrive work so well?
Because SigmaDrive is a constant velocity joint which allows the propeller shaft to rotate without transmitting the engines movements and vibrations

Other attempts at solving these solutions rely on rubber couplings or Carden units. The SigmaDrive requires none of these, is compact and easy to fit, usually without slipping the vessel or requiring modifications to the shaft line. It’ s a premium product manufactured from a special bronze alloy that is maintenance free and its internal components are hard wearing and long lived.

  • D Sigma
    The D Sigma is a constant velocity joint for coupling up jet drives and sterndrives to the main engine.
  • SD Standard
    The SD standalone unit that resists the propeller thrust compensating for up to 3 degrees in all directions.
  • STS Sigma
    This system incorporates a thrust bearing to isolate the propellers' thrust to the engine. It uses a combination of three SD units built together. Two of which are incorporated in the thrust bearing and another coupled to the transmission with an intermediate shaft.
  • V Drive
    The SD unit is a standalone unit that resists the propeller thrust compensating for up to 3 degrees in all directions and fits all makes of V drive transmissions.
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