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The Variprofile is available in a 2-blade or 3-blade version for sailing boats and yachts up to 140 Hp.

Just like his big brother Variprop, the Variprofile allows continously variable pitch adjustment, independently for forward and reverse, especially well suited to engines with different gear ratios such as used predominantly by Yanmar.

Hi-Tec blades with GAWN profile

To optimize thrust and efficiency while running much more quietly than others.

Exceptional sailing characteristics

Through slim shape, light weight and GAWN profiled Hi-Tec blades.

Separate external pitch adjustments

The external pitch adjustment is separate for forward and reverse to optimize performance and eliminate prop-walk. It allows easy, fast and precise, continously variable pitch adjustments to your specific needs. No large and imprecise minimum steps as with others.

Reduce Fuel Consumption 33%
Increase in Motoring Speed

Variprofile 2-Blade

For yachts with engines up to 75 hp

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Variprofile 3-Blade

For yachts with engines up to 140 hp

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As for meeting my expectations, I have never had a prop that good on any of my boats. Powerful in forward and as strong in reverse. It makes going in crowded marinas a piece of cake. For me using a folding prop was a must for racing. Now I can have both, no drag and power to move around. I will be changing my boat within the next two years and you can be sure that if I don’t have a feathering prop on my next boat, you will get a call from me.
Daniel G.CS 36T
Had a very good trip from Kingston to Iroquois for haul out two weeks ago. Sailing at 9.4 kn SOG past Johnstown. I would say the most significant difference between my old two blade fixed prop and the VARIPRPOFILE 3-blade feathering is the reverse both in stopping and in particular maneuvering the boat in reverse away from the dock. (Significant improvement). The prop pushed the C&C 38 about .6 of a knot faster than the old 2-blade prop and the boat did not reduce speed as much against a headwind and waves.
Cedric L.C&C 38
I am running 6.4 kts at economical 2400 RPM instead of 6 kts at 2700 RPM with my old 2 blades… I was actually quite impressed by the stopping power of the Variprofile in full throttle reverse. I stopped the boat from 6 kts to 0 within 1.75 boat length… Also my boat is very manoeuvrable under power with little prop walk in reverse. At full forward cruise throttle I achieved 7.2 kts. I even had fun spinning my boat between two of our docks alternating between forward and reverse. I could not do that easily with my old fixed 2 blades with too much prop walk.
Alain B.Catalina 34
My B393 came equipped with the Volvo 3 blade folding propeller. I found that the boat had very poor stopping ability with extensive reverse prop walk. Making way in reverse was very challenging. Neither my wife nor I felt comfortable docking the boat.
I promptly replaced the Volvo propeller with the Variprofile and can say that it is an unmitigated success. The rapid stopping ability with minimal prop walk quickly restored our docking confidence.
Forward performance is smooth and vibration free. The ease of pitch adjustment enabled me to independently fine tune forward and reverse performance. I enthusiastically recommended this prop to all of my sailing friends.
G.S.Beneteau 393
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