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Variprop is the finest automatically feathering propeller available in the world today. The advanced design and precision engineering and manufacturing by SPW GmbH in Germany assures flawless performance.
  • Near zero sailing drag.
  • Powerful thrust in head seas.
  • Incredible control in reverse.
  • Reduce or eliminate “propwalk”.
  • External and separate pitch adjustment for forward and reverse.
  • Massive gears for decades of reliable and trouble free service.
  • Soft Stop™ MulitDisc Brake to minimize impact when reversing blades.
  • 2, 3, and 4 blade models in all hub sizes for normal shaft and Saildrive.
  • Shortest hub length; fits smallest apertures.
  • Delivered fully assembled, balanced, lubricated, read-to-install with no disassembly or modifications necessary.
Increase in Speed
More Thrust in Reverse


Variprop 2-Blade

For small yachts with engines from 6 to 40 hp

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Variprop 3-Blade

For all sailing vessels with engines from 6 to 100 hp

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Variprop 4-Blade

For open sea vessels with engines above 100 hp

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I have been very pleased with my performance in forward and reverse although I have been informed that a pitch increase to 15” will make the boat slightly faster with less effort. I’ll adjust my pitch this winter. Currently my max rpm is 3100 and gives me 8.2 kn. Generally I cruise smoothly at 2400/2500 rpm and get 7.0 – 7.5 kn. Reverse is great. I do get a little prop walk but nothing to speak of. Once you get the feel of it, it helps in your smooth docking port to.
Regarding the 3-blade VARIPROP I’m extremely happy to report that GREAT WHITE I has improved performance from 7.5 to 10.5 kn. with absolutely no vibration. This set up is now silky smooth and bullet proof… Can’t say the same for my previous MAX-PROP … Your experience with pitch and diameter helped select the right prop the first time… Focus Marine endorses VARIPROP as the world leader in feathering propellers. I highly recommend this product.
GG, Yacht BuilderATLANTIC 46 Cat
After my initial set-up was fine-tuned by you, the prop has been delivering outstanding performance. For my C&C 35 the biggest difference is the transfer of power from the engine to the water, especially in reverse… The terrible clunking noise when shifting gears is gone and I now come into my dock and can stop in an instant, in silence… I see hundreds of boats in a year and examine every one of their props. It seems to me that your company has the right design and workmanship for a Feathering Prop… after the first season I know I made the right choice.
GT, Yacht SurveyorC&C 35
The difference in performance from the previous 2-blade fixed prop is dramatic to say the least. The vessel now attains hull speed of 7.5 kn at lower Rpm’s and cruises at 6.75 kn. at 2,500 RPM. There is also a marked reduction in fuel consumption and a noticeable increase in performance under sail. With our heavy boat it became unpractical to continue sailing at winds under 8 kn. We now regularly maintain speeds of 5 kn. in 7-8 kn. of apparent wind…… The capability of fine tuning reverse pitch independently while in the water allowed us to maximize stopping power when docking without adversely affecting prop-walk in reverse.
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