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The Gori folding propeller has amassed a record and reputation unmatched throughout the world of propellers for cruising and racing.
Geared Blades

The geared blade design ensures that blades open and close together giving less vibration ahead and astern.

Gain a Full Knot of Speed

The Gori folding propeller reduces total drag by up to 35%. This results in one full knot of improvement in speed under sail.

Full Power Astern

The Gori propeller gives you the optimum thrust in reverse by virtue of it’s propeller blade shape and profile. It does not rely solely on centrifugal force to open the blades as do many other folding propeller types.

Reduce Drag up to 35%
Increased Efficiency
Gori Propeller 3 Blade Open
Gori Propeller 3 Blade
Gori Propeller 2 Blade
Gori Propeller Race
Gori Propeller 3 Blade Open
Gori Propeller 3 Blade
Gori Propeller 4 Blade
Gori Propeller 4 Blade Open

Gori 2-Blade

For sailing vessels with engines up to around 50HP
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Gori 3-Blade

For sailing vessels with engines from 10HP to 300+HP
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Gori 4-Blade

For large sailing vessels with engines over 150HP
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Gori Race

For racing vessels that want a competitive edge
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New from Gori

Gori 3-Blade Single Pitch

No Overdrive
For sailing vessels with engines from 10HP to 300+HP
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The Champions Choice
  • Vendee Globe
    18 of the 20 starting IMOCA 60’S build in 2014 and 15, 90% of the boats in the 2016/17 Vendee Globe are equipped with Gori Racing propellers.
  • Clipper Ocean Race
    All of the 12 new Tony Castro designed 70ft. one designs are equipped with 3-blade Gori propellers.
  • Volvo Ocean Race
    All of the new generation Bruce Farr 65ft. VOR One Designs have Gori 2-Blade Racing Propellers.
  • One Designs equipped with Gori Propellers
    Soto 40, Farr 400, Farr 280, Mills 35, McConaghy 38, Bolt 37, HH/42, King 40, MOD 70, Ker 40 IRC, Elliot 35, Botin IRC 40, Carkeek 40, Premier 45, TP 52, C&C 30, C&C 41, Ker 33, Melges 40.
  • IDEC Sport Gori
    Groupama III, IDEC, Banque Populaire, Gitana III, Playstation III, Spindrift 2.
    Denmark: X-Yachts, Luffe Yachts, Nordborg, Nordship Yachts, Dragonfly. Sweden: Hallberg Rassy, Najad. Finland: Finn Flyer, Baltic Yachts. Germany: Bavaria Yachtbau, Hanse & Dehler Yachts, Sirius Yachts. France: J-Boats, CNB. Italy: Cantiere Del Pardo, Italia Yachts, Solaris Yachts, Mylios Yachts. Monaco: Wally Yachts. England: Discovery Yachts, Spirit Yachts, Green Marine. Slovenia: Elan Yachts. Croatia: AD Boats, Salona Yachts, Sydney Yachts. Poland: Delphia Yachts, Sunreef Yachts, Haber Yachts. Holland: K & M Yachts, Essence Yachts. Australia: Fusion Cats, Lightwave, Buizen Yachts, Sydney Yachts. New Zealand: Elliot Yachts, F.R.P. Yachts, Malthouse Boat Builders. China: Elliot Yachts, McConaghy Yachts, Hudson/Hakes Yachts, Farnova Yachts. South Africa: Pacer Yachts, Matrix Yachts, SWS, Nexus Catamarans, TAG Yachts. Argentina: M-Boats. Brazil: Delta Yachts, Skipper Yachts, MJ Yachts, Wind Nautica. USA: W.D. Schook, Alerion Yachts, Nordhavn, C&C. Vietnam: Corsair Marine, Seawind. Turkey: Sirena Yachts, Azuree Yachts.


For the last five years my boat, a Catalina 270, has struggled to get through the water under power, especially against a tide or current. After talking with Geoff at AB-Marine, he suggested a Gori folding propeller. I installed it in the spring and it has made an amazing difference. The speed has increased with less rpm’s, the boat is much more maneuverable and responsive in forward and reverse and I have no trouble making my way through an oncoming current. The new prop has been the best upgrade I have made yet.
Steve TaylorCatalina 270
Since it came from the factory six years ago our 46 foot sailboat had a fixed three bladed (speed brake). In a quest for more efficient sailing speeds we recently purchased and installed a Gori 3-blade Folding prop. To our delight our new Gori prop has increased our sailing performance one to two knots and we have also gained over a knot while under power. Soon we will leave San Francisco Bay and begin our cruise to the south and on through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean. With our new Gori prop we will arrive at the fun anchorages even sooner.
Anna & Steve SabreeHunter 46
The Gori 3-Blade propeller has proven invaluable. Our boat’s prop-walk-to-port drove us into neighboring boats until we changed to your 3-blade folding propeller. Now we can easily and safely power in reverse to starboard. Another pleasant surprise was the forward power that a combination of our little 18hp engine and the Gori 3-blade over-drive function provides as they lift our 32ft sailboat’s bow to surge across the bay.
D. HoldenBeneteau 323
Just want you to know that the 3-blade Gori prop is fantastic!
I consistently get at least a 1/2 knot improved performance over my old 2-blade folding prop and the boat doesn’t bog down in head winds & seas.
Thanks for steering me to this product, it is worth every cent. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to run flat water RPM sea-trials for you, been too busy racing and doing deliveries to regattas.
StevenC&C 115 - Primal Scream
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