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Gori 3-Blade Single Pitch Propeller

The Gori 3-blade Single Pitch folding propeller is available for installation on vessels with engines from around 10BHP to 300+BHP.

The 3-blade single pitch propeller is a further development of the award winning 3 blade Gori propeller which was introduced in 1994, and is aimed at the sailor who wants a simple solution, without giving up the low drag and superior maneuverability. They are available in both LH and RH configurations for both saildrive and shaft installations.

The new Gori propeller has the same efficiency as the original 3 blade Gori propeller, it operates the same way, with the blades pivoting 360 degrees when switching between forward and reverse, it has all the same features just without the overdrive. The same low drag, only 1.4 Newton at 6 knots, and the same pitch in forward and reverse.

Ahead: Gori was 11+% more efficient than 3-blade feathering props tested.

Astern: Gori was 6.5+% more efficient than 3-blade feathering props tested.

Sailing: Drag was reduced by nearly 50% compared to the 3-blade feathering propeller under test.

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Gori 3-Blade Measurement Table


Propeller and Shaft Clearance Dimensions

A. Forward edge of propeller hub (start of taper) to aft edge of cutlass bearing
B. Shaft Diameter
C. Distance from shaft centerline to hull at forward edge of hub
D. Distance from shaft centerline to hull at end of shaft thread
E. Distance from rudder/skeg to end of shaft
F. Distance from rudder to start of taper/forward edge of hub

Saildrive Installation
Download the 3 Blade Saildrive Installation Instructions as a PDF

Standard Shaft Installation
Download the 3 Blade Standard Shaft Installation Instructions as a PDF
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