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If you are unsure about the best propeller option for you, or if you know what you want and are ready to order a propeller – please fill out the form below so we can get you everything you need.

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Propeller Finder Disclaimer
Please fill in this information carefully. We point out that a calculated propeller is always only a recommendation for your sailboat and engine installation. This is based on the information you have provided for our propeller calculation using up to date computer software combined with our long time experience suggesting propellers for sailboats.

Though every attempt has been made to guarantee the accuracy of the information and propeller calculation, a guarantee that the calculated propeller is the "right one", cannot be given since the computer calculation is only a theoretical optimum from the boat & engine information you provided.

The only way to ensure a correct propeller match for your sailboat and engine is to make a sea trial. On very rare occasions, if we have suggested a propeller that does not match the boat and engine information provided, an adjustment of the propeller could be made or modify the propeller. Only the test drive shows actual results with engine, tachometer & boat performing at the expected optimal conditions. Consequential expenses like Hauling, Assembling, Installing and Freight charges etc. are not paid by the propeller manufacturer or AB Marine Inc.

Please observe that the propeller size suggestion is specific for the propeller type and can't directly be used or compared with other propeller sizes.